Benefiting from the natural resources found abundantly in Australia, we started our company in 1993 developing and promoting health and beauty products. Our brands include Mt. Retour Certified Organic, Lanopearl Bio PEAK Skin Care, Rebirth Skin Care, Life Spring Vitamins and Lamusco Vitamins.

We focus on producing natural high-quality products for the Australian and international market. We export to 30 countries around the globe and are a leading brand in Asia. We have also established our successful chain of Life Spring Health Food Stores.

Our holistic approach to health and beauty has been a guiding force at Lanopearl. Our health and Australian skin care products cover every aspect of health and wellbeing from massage oils to aromatherapy. Our company follows The Triangle of Life philosophy where we believe wellbeing is a combination of happiness, love and health.

Since 1993 Lanopearl has established itself as a leading Australian skin care company focused on manufacturing and distributing high quality skin care, anti-aging and vitamin products. It combines the newest technology with the most potent herbal extracts to create our next generation of health and skin care products.

Lanopearl has carefully selected 34 of the most potent herbs for their rejuvenating and healing properties which help to revitalise the skin.

Lanopearl Bio PEAK skin recovery contains the highest number of herbal extracts in the world. Each herb is specifically selected to provide the most powerful anti aging and skin rejuvenating benefits.

To create the most effective skin care and anti aging creams we have combined the natural powers of herbal extracts with the latest skin care technology. Lanopearl has enhanced its herbal ingredients with the scientific powers of nanotechnololy. Lanopearl's research and development team is constantly working to adapt the newest technology and make improvements into its anti aging and skin care range.
Nanotechnology Along with the high herbal extracts found in its skin care and anti ageing products Lanopearl also employs the high tech benefits of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology uses nanometer-sized particles which are very tiny and can only be seen using powerful microscopes. The benefit of nanotechnology is that these microscopic granules can penetrate deep into the skin to produce greater results.

Nanotechnology is very effective as it helps active ingredients to be absorbed quickly into the skin and start functioning immediately.

Lanopearl has high quality assurance practices to guarantee the safety and potency of each of its products.

Lanopearl uses the highest quality assurance procedures to ensure products meet the highest standards for quality and safety. All ingredients in our skin care, serums and anti ageing range is independently tested at our lab in Adelaide.


1.High Quality & Money Back Guarantee
Lanopearl uses its own Certified Organic Factory located in the lush surroundings of the Blue Mountains to produce its high-quality products. It practices Good Manufacturing Practices and has a Halal and TGA standard. It also offers a 100% money back guarantee (14days)

2.Market Leader in Placenta Range Products
Lanopearl is a pioneer in the formulation of placenta products since 1995. It exports it range of skin care and anti aging products to over 15 countries around the world. To date it has sold over 2,000,000 jars of placenta products.

3.Specialized in highest herbal extracts skin care
Lanopearl's Bio Peak skin care range has the highest amount of herbal extracts in the world.
Herbal extracts are imported from our renowned supplier in Switzerland to ensure the best quality.

4.Over 150 varieties from 5 brands to choose
Lanopearl offers a total health, beauty and wellbeing solution.
Largest range of placenta products.
Large range of aromatherapy products.

5.Established market distribution channel
Products distributed to all major airports in Australia and over 150 outlets within Australia.
Distributed in the Malls Department Store
Distributed to Seven Eleven Boots and over 600 chemists in Thailand

6.Lanopearl - We grow with you
We offer fast and friendly service. We satisfy our customers and help our retailers grow by offering branded shelfs, brochures, catalogues and free samples. Our range of skin care and anti ageing products are advertised in major Chinese, Thai, Korean and Indonesian newspapers.

7.Donation 1% of Lanopearl Net Profit
We commit 1% of our profits to aids and cancer patients,
health education and environmental organisations.