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Benefiting from the natural sources found abundantly in Australia,we started our company in1993 developing and promoting various health and beauty products to the market with brand names such as Mt. Retour Certified Organic, Lanopearl Bio PEAK Skin Care, Rebirth Skin Care, Life Spring Vitamins and Lamusco Vitamins We focus on producing the best products for the Australian as well as the international market, exporting to 30 countries around the globe with a particular success in the Asia region. Included in the company achievements is the establishment of the Life Spring Health Food Store business.

Our holistic approach to health and beauty has been a guiding force in the company development and production of products covering every aspect of health to the inclusion of massage oils and Aromatherapy products. This ideology of providing good health and wellbeing for the entire person has led to the development by the company's philosophy of The Triangle of Life.